Define Clients

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Define Clients

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Out of the Box

The system comes pre-populated with the first client, and that is your own company.

When to Use

You perform any project-related work for a client (internal or external) that you will need to staff, track, or invoice.



Step One: CLICK on SETTINGS menu option from the main navigation bar

Step Two: CLICK on MY COMPANY from the secondary navigation bar

Step Three: CLICK on CLIENTS icon

Step Four: Click on the +ADD CLIENT button (top left)

Step Five: ENTER new Client information (Email under the Billing Contact tab is required)

Step Five: CLICK ADD


Important Notes:

-The system comes built in with Your company name as the default (and first) client.

-You can create unlimited number of Clients.

-Clients can be assigned to a project during the creation of the project process.

-You may select Your company name as ‘The Client’ for internal projects if you wish.

-If you decided to use the Billing module, you can email invoices to the client from the invoice portal. The email you entered under the Billing tab will be used as the destination email.