Password Reminder


Password Reminder

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This feature is used in the case that you forgot your password.

Things to Remember

-Password reminder does not impact your user name nor access eligibility.

-New password will be sentOnly to the email address stored for that user (can be viewed through the HR module).

-Having more than one user in your system with the same email address (Not recommended) will interfere negatively with this feature (user emails can be updated from the users’ profile within the HR module).

-For security reasons, when requested to enter the email address and company name, both fields have to exactly match the data stored in your system (Not case sensitive).




Step One: From your personalized company sign in page or the generic sign in page (;   CLICK on the FORGOT PASSWORD? Link (In blue font, to the left of the Submit button)


Step Two: ENTER your EMAIL (As stored in your user profile) and your COMPANY NAME

Step Three: CLICK SUBMIT (a new password will be sent to the email address)